Welcome to Diecast Collectibles

This wordpress blog is dedicated for Malaysian diecast fans who share my love for vintage diecasts of all kinds, particularly diecasts from the rather well-known Lledo company that was bought over by Corgi ( if I am not mistaken).

Although, this was started for Malaysian diecast fans, overseas diecast fans are more than welcome to share their knowledge/opinions although I will not be putting up a forum just yet ( I have to figure out how first and if I have the time to maintain).

Anyhow, I have recently purchased a huge lot of Lledo cars and as much as I love them, there are quite a lot that I either already have or do not want so this blog will primarily serve as a web brochure so to speak for all the diecast models that I do not want.

I will be listing the models that I am selling including the price and shipping cost for it ( as this site is mainly for Malaysians, the price will be in Malaysian ringgits…overseas buyers are welcome too.)

I think that is all for now and hopefully I’ll be able to keep this site running as smoothly as possible. Toodles and have fun!


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