Important notice

As I can see from my flea market activities, I have met a lot of real diecast collectors in Malaysia who are actively seeking for the items.  Due to this, someone suggested to me an idea of selling these Lledo diecast models (and hopefully other diecast models in the future) through catalogue orders.

I thought this was a brilliant idea as I do not always have the time to set up a booth every week at Amcorp Mall. After next week’s Sat and Sun booking at Amcorp Mall where I will still be selling at my booth, I will probably reduce the amount of times selling at the flea market to once or twice a month and only on Sundays.

In the meantime, I will look into providing catalogue orders that will allow anyone to order from a list of Lledo diecast models that I have in stock. When I have researched the best way for me to provide collectible lledo diecast cars for the avid collectors other than flea market,  I will inform through blog post.

Presently, I am still going to be selling at the amcorp mall flea market booth next weekend (26th and 27th Feb) so all the diecast cars that I have left will be on display on those two days. I hope to meet more collectors on my last weekend for quite a while. And for those who made our booth a success, thank you and enjoy your lledo diecast cars!


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