About Me

My name is Sarah from Malaysia and I have been collecting diecast cars ( and quite a few other curios) for a few years now. I remember my first true collectable vintage diecast. It was a Robin Starch double decker bus in red from Lledo that my father bought for me that truly kick started my interest in not only diecast cars but other metal-made vintage collectables.

2 years ago, when I first learned about blogging, I thought that it would be fun to put up some of my diecast collections for others to see as well as for me to help find some of my diecasts a good home ( I have a lot of diecasts and I do wish to help other collectors expand their collection). So, I decided to set up a blog complete with pics and maybe a few choice articles in the future.

Hopefully, busy schedules aside, I will be able to get to know other collectors from putting up this blog and expand my knowledge of diecasts ( good books on diecasts are extremely hard to find in this part of the world ).

Diecast Enthusiast and Collector of Vintage Curios,



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